Testimonials from some satisfied clients of Ennar Hypnosis

Fear of Flying
“I am a 74 year old widow and I have been unable to fly on a plane since the terrorist acts of 9/11. Just the thought of getting on a flight caused me much anxiety and panic attacks, and my heart would start beating so fast that I thought I would die.
It was when my daughter gave birth to her third child in Hawaii, that I realized how much my fear was limiting me and my life. I decided to do something about my problem. By a great coincidence it was just then that my neighbor described how her insomnia was cured by a hypnotist in two sessions. She strongly recommended that I schedule a session with Ram.
After a lot of hesitation, I made the call, and I am so very glad that I did. In just three sessions Ram got rid of my fear of planes and now I look forward with excitement to the whole experience. In case you are wondering, I made the trip to Hawaii and saw my third grandson without any problem on the long flight at all. I felt very secure and confident during Ram's sessions and can recommend him wholeheartedly. Ram is very caring and he is an expert at hypnosis.” --- Constance T. (San Diego, California)

Self esteem and Depression
“I used to drink alcohol everyday for years. Ram helped me stop drinking quickly and mentored me through some major depression, self-esteem, guilt and stress issues. I am so grateful to him. I am on a very positive track now - losing weight, exercising and genuinely enjoying and appreciating my world. Thank you, Ram, for giving me my life back.” --- Jennifer K. (Escondido, California)

Bed wetting
“Ram was able to get my 7 year old son stop his bed wetting. My son desperately wanted to stop, but time and time again he would have “accidents”. I had heard that hypnosis is very good at problems of this kind, and Ram proved it. Thanks to him, my son stopped doing this, and his self- confidence was boosted. I have no hesitation in going to Ram for any other problem. You can use my testimonial but please do not show my full name or city.” --- Karen W. (City name withheld by request, California)

Exam Anxiety
“Even though I knew the subject matter, I would have a mental blackout during tests and do badly. I took my SAT twice and did not get the grades that I deserved. After two sessions with Ram all my test anxiety was gone. Ram taught me a technique to instantly release all stress that worked like a charm. I use it whenever I feel stressed and it relaxes me instantly.
The third time I scored higher than I thought was possible on my SAT – and it was good enough to get me into UC Berkeley. Ram rocks!” --- Jeremy D. (Mission Viejo, California)

“Thanks to Ram I am a non-smoker. 18 months smoke-free and counting. I had tried and failed twice before, so Ram, I owe you one.” --- Patti L. (San Diego, California)

“My company was having layoffs. Every week some more people would be let go. I could not handle the stress, and started breaking out in hives. By a miracle, I attended one of Ram's hypnosis seminars and was impressed by his confidence and knowledge. I signed up for treatment and in one month my hives had disappeared and I learned how to release stress before it built up in my body.
When I was finally laid-off myself, I was able to take it in stride. Thanks in great measure to what I learned from Ram, I was able to keep my self-confidence up until I found another job. Ram was truly the answer to my prayers.”--- Chuck N. (Poway, California)

Nail Biting
“I think that I was Ram's first client, many years ago. Just one session with Ram and 20 years of nail biting stopped. My nails could finally grow again. I was particularly impressed by Ram's dedication and his total focus on fixing my problem. After my session I predicted that Ram would have a great career as a hypnotist, and I can see that it is coming true. I have referred many friends to Ram, and he has been able to help all of them. He is very effective in solving problems.” --- Dina P. (San Diego, California)

"I have had difficulty sleeping for the past 18 years. Stress was wearing me out and I just could not unwind! I would go through the day exhausted and unable to concentrate. Ram helped me relax my mind and body and after just one session, I had the first blissful sleep in months. I now use the custom MP3 every time I have trouble sleeping, and it works like magic EVERY SINGLE TIME! I can confidently recommend Ram to anyone.
He has truly changed my life for the better." --- Kyle S. (San Diego, California)

"I am very very happy with the services provided by Ram and with the progress I am making with hypnosis." --- Susan S. ( San Diego, California) (comments made after two sessions.)
"Excited to think I'm a week into sobriety! That is sooo exciting to me!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for helping me!" --- Susan S. ( San Diego, California) (comments made after three sessions.)